My husband let me order some clothes for the baby!! (pics inside) Cuteness abounds!


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Nov 16, 2004
My friends and co-workers all say our baby will be dressed adorably all the time because my clothes are adorable, so not to let anyone down I went to Baby Gap! My husband gave me a $50 limit and here's what I got:





These are for next winter, since we have no clue what the baby is they are all unisex clothes ;)
cute. and you're brave buying for next winter already. :)
kristchan said:
cute. and you're brave buying for next winter already. :)

I couldn't resist, usually Baby Gap is not exactly cheap and I got all that for $45 including shipping since it was clerance.
HifiGirly said:
usually Baby Gap is not exactly cheap
:lol: yeah. no kidding. I've bought my daughter exactly 1 outfit from there. Shirt + Skirt = $50.
I left the tags on, she wore it for maybe a half hour while school pics were taken, and then we returned it. shhhh.... don't tell. :eek:

baby gap may not be cheap but some of it is quality

carters is good as well.
SpangeMonkee said:
The things to remember when you are shopping for baby clothes:

Is it worth the cost for them the wear it for a month or two?

Will you have another baby that will wear it?

Does Kmart/Walmart/Target have it for cheaper?

Actually we are planning on having a second child not to long after the first. So it will also be able to wear those clothes as they are all nuetral. We want 2 kids and want the sort of close in age. Our baby is due in late April early May and we plan on trying for a second child around the following January. ;)