My HOT Webcam!?!?


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Jun 10, 2005
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OK, so those of you curious enough have clicked on it, and here you see this creepy he/she that sits at a PC and wears wierd costumes. This of course, is not me. It is a horrible joke that fly plays on me and I don't know how to get rid of it. It all started when he sent it to Shawn and I became mildly obsessed with what it was doing.

Anyway... the reason for this thread... for those who have not clicked it, go to: and see for yourself. It is definatly worth a look.

FYI: I look NOTHING like this nor would I want to have a camera on me 24/7. We don't even own a webcam. Plus, I don't speak Japanese. Shit, sometimes I barely speak English. ;)

EDIT: Barkly = Barley = Barely
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A+ thread, will read again.

Content: Everyone knows that's you, stop playing at this whole thing being a charade.