My crappy house


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Nov 22, 2004
Savannah, GA
I have a phobia of insects, arachnids, and all things crawling.

Generally, when I see bugs in my apartment, I leave them alone unless they start to get near me, since they tend to disappear after that.

Out of sight, out of mind, right?

Have you ever seen the movie Creepshow when all the roaches climb inside the guys body?


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Apr 22, 2005
In a couple months I'm going to need to douse this place in lighter fluid, then strike a match.

Other then that I'm just impatiently waiting for our new house to be done so I never have to step foot in this one again.


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In chronological order (oldest to newest):

Kitchen - Removed wallpaper and painted. The walls weren't primed before they installed the wallpaper. Chunks of drywall came with the paper. Had I known better, I would've just replaced the drywall. Cabinets were stained a very dark color. I sanded, primed and painted them. I also replaced all the hinges, cabinet and drawer handles along with two lighting fixtures.

Baby's Room (now Baby Bird's room) - Removed wallpaper border and painted the room.


1/2 bath - Removed old sink and counter (who in the hell puts a 2x3 counter in a 3x6 bathroom?). Removed carpet (yuck!), toilet and HUGE mirror. Replaced toilet, sink and mirror. Painted walls and put in vinyl tile.


Dining Room - Removed wallpaper. Theac was kind enough to let me borrow his wallpaper steamer (not cleveland). Painted the walls and put up bead board and chair rail.

Wet Bar - There was a wet bar in a bad location in our living room. It was only used for storage, but it wasn't very useful. This "diagram" explains it best.


Spangelet's Room - Painted her new room when the bun was in the oven. Theac and Pandora came over and helped me paint. Also replaced the light fixture with a custom, princess ceiling fan.

Misc. -
Repaired main water supply line that broke.

Replaced every door knob in the house with brushed nickel knobs.

Replaced all hall and foyer light fixtures.

Fixed all three-pole switches so that that work properly (two switches on one light. both can turn the light on and off.)

Replaced kitchen sink faucet.

Replaced kids' bathroom faucet.

Added a gable fan to the attic.

That's about it.. So here is an obligatory shot of me trying to be like Knyte.



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Sep 1, 2006
I have a few small things to do around the kitchen. I want to buy a bigger place around spring time so I hope to get this place ready by then.


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Oct 14, 2004
How can your parallel bars be uneven?
they can be parallel and at different elevations. the only criteria is that if they were made infinitely long that they would never converge.

gymnastics uneven bars are (nominally) parallel.

or maybe he meant slanted, like handicap grab bars.
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Oct 14, 2004
Yes, but the uneven bars and the parallel bars in gymnastics are two different things.
yeah, but they're both parallel. one should be called even bars and the other uneven bars.

but my suspicion is that JP's bathroom doesn't obey the laws of euclidean geometry.