My cellphone was washed.


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Nov 19, 2004
33.745091, -84.390205
I left it in the pocket of my shorts and it ended up getting washed AND dried on Sunday. I let it dry out completely and I put it back together and it said there was a problem with the SIM. Yulp, it actually turned back on. I took it to the Cingular place and the guy played witht he SIM and put it back in. BAM! It works. The screen looks a little weird, but other than that it is fine. weird, huh?
I accidentally washed my little boy in the washing machine the other day. I was wondering why my pants were screaming so much.
my wife did that once. Besides a little water in the display it worked great. And smelled good, too.
On one of my old phones I had to drop it in the water twice to kill it (no I didn't drop it either time on purpose, it just happened).
fly said:
sir, did you get a chance to ping that server?

My PC has been giving me trouble with multi-player games for some reason that I've yet to nail down.

When I run a single-player my FPS is gorgeously high, but when I join an MP game it runs horribly. I was planning on formatting this weekend anyway, so I'm just going to gut it out til then and then see if a fresh OS install fixes the problem (I'm guessing it will).

I've played on Art Of War servers enough to guess that my ping will be fine pretty much anywhere. I know for a fact that their Texas site puts me at about 35-50 regularly.