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Halp My 6 year old daughter can't stop playing with herself

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by fly, Feb 5, 2013.

  1. Bienvenidos a los Estados Unidos. Como te puede ayudar?
  2. I haven't had a chance to post more here cuz well Life gets in the way.. Not all of us have 24/7 to dedicate here *cough-cough*

    Anyhoo, going by the article in the original post... The mom says the daughter plays with her self all the time everyday.

    As I have stated a couple of times in this thread... "Exploring" is natural. I'm exploring as I type this :)
    And I have seen my child from TIME to TIME touch himself or wake up with his little mini-boner and at times its amusing..
    But if he was stroking it all the time and everyday (as per the original post) yeah I'd have a problem with it.
    Also, how comfortable would anyone feel going over to a friends house only to find their child fapping like a a fiend??

    I would tell my kid AT FIRST to simply stop
    Once it got to the level where I need to consult "dear abby" I would be concerned.

    Nothing wrong with your netherrrrreions!
  3. I quote you because until you go all super-bitch I have no problem with you and try to have a civil conversation with you, same as Duke, Ghost, or anyone else that gets pissed at me for whatever reason. Go look at where I quote you, look at what I say. If you think civility is "riding your clit" then yes, I have been riding your clit.
  4. internet, serious business.
  5. You don't get to whine and cry foul about how you don't whine and cry foul.
  6. No, but her point is fair. It's not a one sided thing.
  7. An unasked for insult is different from an entire thread where everyone is shitting on each other.
  8. Don't try to feign innocence here. You aren't nearly the victim in this.
  9. You're all cocksmokers.
  10. Hmmm...
    I will bookmark yet another one of your 2faced moderator posts.
    Carry on.
  11. Oh but he isssss!!!
    Woe is meeeeeeee!!
    The internet said I was heavy-set! I'm gonna cry and complain! I'm a victimmmmmm
  12. Where did I claim innocence? Where did I claim I was the victim?
    Also, are you getting attacked repeatedly? No?
  13. It is cute that you keep calling me fat when in the past month I have lost 1.5 times the weight you were looking to lose in the same time period.

    Here is a hint, sweetie. I am not going anywhere. I dont have a problem with you until you don your bitch-armor. You apparently have a problem with me to the point where you have been banned once about it.
    Since I am not going away, you either need to get over it, or leave.
  14. quit taking the internet so seriously. You come from fuckin genmay. That place should give you stainless steel internet-not-serious-business armor.

    Kiki could spread a 5 year long rumor that i fuck farm animals and I wouldnt care, because its the internet
  15. Gravy.

    I like today's domon.
  16. #157 Mr. Asa, Feb 7, 2013
    Last edited: Feb 7, 2013
    This isnt genmay. I left genmay because I was tired of genmay and the attitudes permeating that place.

    You would not care about that if it was not true. However, to have somebody with a pretty severe body dysmorphic disorder criticize somebody else's body is just wrong

    Edit: Do you realize that you essentially just said "You grew up getting beaten, why don't you like it now?"
  17. And true, sheepfucker.
  18. When I see a personal attack, the person is warned or banned. Why is that so hard to understand?
  19. All warnings are handed out in spanish.