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Halp My 6 year old daughter can't stop playing with herself

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by fly, Feb 5, 2013.

  1. Im too tired at the end of the normal paying benefit having workday :(

  2. Interesting collection of words. Do I get a prize if I can rearrange them into an order that makes sense?
  3. you can add some dashes if you like. Kiki will blow you in return.
  4. I was with you until after 'Too tired'
  5. Ahahhahahhahahahhahahaha @ Asahole reporting this shit!!


    Love U WAW ;)
  6. Read the thread, braindead. I didnt report anything.
  7. british people lack reading comprehension.

    "im too tired" qualifier: "at the end of the normal paying workday" with the adjective expanding upon paying workday of "benefit-having".
  8. :lol:

    I hear that, but I'm trying to pay off my condo so I can afford to move. Being tired all the time was one of the reasons I started eating healthier and juicing. Made a ridiculous difference in my energy level.
  9. Interesting conclusion. I see you now have had to add a hyphen and it is still a terrible sentence. It's our language. use it properly or give it back. You'll all soon be speaking Spanish anyway.

  10. but the lack of punctuation turns it into hobo babble
  11. MS just about made it stupid not to. We'll be doing the same. Should be interesting.
  12. we had a 2 hour outage last Friday. day after we migrated the CEO. he was not amused in the slightest. Glad that wasn't my fault!
  13. Yeah, I heard about the outage. That's probably likely to get worse over the next couple months as everyone and their mother moves to it. #GrowingPains
  14. We still haven't migrated to windows 7.

    Yay for XP!
  15. i like how you pretended vista didnt exist.

    This is the right choice.
  16. we skipped it company wide as well
  17. Almost everyone did
  18. Somewhere there's a company that went straight from Me to Vista and thought Vista was brilliant!
  19. Boys do it since pretty much age one....they don't climax, but they still play
  20. SHOCKIIIING didnt see that coming, no sir! :eekers:

    i know riiiight.... i could spend a WHOLE day grouping all the personal attacks i get here on a regular but unlike some fucking losers here, i have better things to do... also.. IDGAF.
    But again, its so awesome to see how the ass kissing and goes around here. maybe if i got a fucking cat and showed up at Casa Fly with some beer and dip and complimented Zac's physique like an obsessive closeted homo i might not get any warnings... maybe? waaahh :( pickandchoosepickandchoosepickandchoose

    funny how SINCE DECEMBER i have not quoted him or spoken to him directly. but he goes from thread to thread quoting me, riding my clit like a true bird.
    whats another Kiki ban here? nada. carry on.