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Halp My 6 year old daughter can't stop playing with herself

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by fly, Feb 5, 2013.

  1. we've already covered this. I'm the god damned walrus. sheesh.
  2. Ok, then where have you been?

    Were you off talking of many things? Of shoes and ships and sealing-wax, of cabbages and kings? And why the sea is boiling hot, and whether pigs have wings?
  3. That explains why you and ghost went on that "walk" that one time.
  4. busy as hell and bored of the internets. we're in the midst of migrating the whole company to a new email system.

    and you father's still perfecting ways of making sealing wax
  5. they came back all sweaty and smelling like buttsex?
  6. bored? of.... internets?

    So you just needed to get away while something transferred files or some such techno-babble?
  7. :shady:
  8. well koo koo ka choo mother fucker
  9. Not in the BMW yet. I did swap transes a few times in my Dakota, and I did a clutch and throwout bearing in my Daytona. Was nice to have the TOB fail after 5k miles. WWD transmissions are a bitch.

    My uncle has been building GM transmissions for 40 years, he makes a boatload. I think he actually makes more doing them on the side for cash than he does as a mechanic at a dealership.

    Nothing wrong with being a greasemonkey.

  10. Not at all, besides, who doesnt enjoy taking things apart and putting them backtogether better than ever. While i just do it for my own gear, i bet i could easily pay my mortgage doing small engine repair for people. 50-100 bucks a pop to get their lawnmower/leafblower/weedwhacker/chainsaw/etc running again, which 95% of the time is just a dirty carb that takes 15 minutes to clean.

    Do 10-15 of those a month, bam, mortgage paid.
  11. That's what I've been doing for years. I have a Craigslist ad I run for laptop repair and phone rooting. I meet people in a Starbucks and leave with cash. I keep it in a jar though, we use that income like a rainy day money jar. Comes in handy having a few hundred bucks laying around.
  12. I think if i wasnt fortunate enough to have the education and opportunities that ive had, id probably be a greasemonkey of some sort. I find a ton of satisfaction in making broken things work again.

  13. Ive pulled more trannys than WaW would if he spent a year in singapore.
  14. If I could make a little north of $35/hr as a mechanic, I would be happy as fuck. No worries at all.
  15. On your own, you'd be the cheapest dude in town, but you'd also have problems getting 40 hours worth of business a week. For a shop, plenty of business, but theyd charge you out at 85 and give you 14 :(
  16. The mechanic I take my cars to has to work Saturdays to keep up.
  17. Office 365?
  18. On my own I charge $40/hr (cept for family)

    Eglin was almost there. :-/
  19. winner
  20. I gave up all that to learn a trade. I can't get over my hatred of working a desk job. Got an associate's in networking, some certs, and a job. Then got a EE from devry and some more certs.

    I work my day job because it's reliable. Education contracts for my after hours pay better than full time, and I have benefits already... I'm not gonna lie, it's hectic learning a trade now, but don't think it would be possible if I didn't at least have basic college. You learn so much time management and organization in college. Although, you get most of that when you go to trade school too. I have a few friends who did 4-5 years in trade school and then another 4-5 apprenticeship, most own their own businesses now and are prospering.

    Dunno, as long as it makes you happy and pays the bills you can't go wrong. Why not start up a side hustle for a little pocket money?