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Thread Muslim masque built right at ground zero

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by dbzeag, May 17, 2010.


    Interesting to say the least. I honestly don't know where to stand on this one. And where would they get $100m for it?

    I am kind of curious how many Muslims visit the memorial site at ground zero and how many would go to a masque that overlooks it if/when it's built.
  2. There's always been a Islamic Mosque right next to where the world trade centres were..
  3. this
  4. Really? I didn't know, ok.

    Was it reopened or was it damaged?
  5. Well, I could read a lot into this.

    And I do fully believe that if it were a Catholic or some other Christian denomination "cultural centre" there would be some sort of outcry.

    But I don't think it's anything malicious.

    Catholics are having to sell churches to stay afloat, the Jewish folks already have long-established temples, there are a growing number of Muslim immigrants into this country and I don't believe they have enough places of worship as it is. Plus it seems like cheap real estate, and a good time to buy.

    Businesses have already relocated operations, and it's not like there is much demand for new office space in NYC that I'm aware of.

    edit - wasn't aware of the place being there before, thanks ODS
  6. sponsored by etihad perhaps
  7. Ok maybe not a mosque in the typical sense, but a house of worship nonetheless..

    And sorry, I got mixed up..

    The place I'm talking about it the old Burlington Coat Factory. It was damage by aircraft landing gear on 9/11. It was then purchased by some Muslims, and now houses a prayer room. The same Muslims plan on constructing a proper house of worship and is obviously the same place you are talking about..

    The Muslim behind all of this is a decent guy.. I say go for it!
  8. Confusion on my part. Corrected above..
  9. the fly planes into toronto everyday - but they tend to get off and go and live in brampton.
  10. The new Miss America is Muslim. That should shut you white assholes with a pop culture bent the fuck up.
  11. that should be a sufficient insult to islam - but i imagine the right wing will go mad over it :lol:

    don't look a gift horse in the mouth.
  12. I think they're too worried about the women posing in lingerie to notice that.
  13. isn't there a tape where bin laden expresses his absolute adoration of whitney houston?

    the chorus of "i will always love you" could afterall be misheard as "balalallalalalalalalalala"
  14. The Muslims involved in the new Mosque are very anti-fundamentalists. They are supported by many people of different faiths and organizations. They are good people.
  15. dont know about that but he's certainly an Arsenal fan. what scum.