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WTF Mosque Near WTC v2.0

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by Casper, Sep 2, 2010.

  1. This thread is going places for sure.
  2. There could be a Scores across the street, and a wholesale bacon and pork chop place next door. On the other side, a professional womens association.

    Cultural diversity baby!
  3. This shouldn't be such a big deal.
  4. 1. It's not a fucking mosque.
    2. It's not a fucking mosque.
    3. It's two blocks away and blocked by two buildings taller than it's going to be so you won't even be able to see ground zero from it or vice versa.
    4. It's not a fucking mosque.
    5. People who connect 19 jackwagons with 1.6 billion muslims are goddamn douchebags.
    6. It's not a fucking mosque.
    7. It's putting people to work and all the assbiscuit union fuckknuckles that are saying they won't participate in the construction can go suck a fat one and starve in the streets for all I care.
    8. A mosque is, by definition, a muslim holy place that can only be used for prayer and worship. It's a goddamn cooking school and basketball court, not a fucking mosque.
    9. Tired of this shit.
  5. Jeez Flynavy, you get so worked up one would start to think you're Muslim or something.
  6. Its not cool they are buildings mosque there.
  7. My dad is convinced that traffic in the surrounding area is ruined because people are stopping to pray in the streets.

    I can't find anything in the news about that.
  8. freedom of religion aside, they'd be tossed in jail for obstructing traffic
  9. Whatever it is, I wouldn't let my kids go there if I was Muslim. Not for the first several years, anyway.
  10. yup. there's a mosque a block and a half away from this one that's been there before the towers were even UP
  11. aratoeldar and kevlar teamed up on a website?
  12. I thought it was kiki's kryptonite! :)
  13. they're calling it a mosque because there will be a prayer room. there are prayer rooms in tons of islamic buildings because they have to pray so many times per day, it's just convenient. it's not a mosque.
  14. So they want to build an Islamic basketball court? That's not in the Koran.
  15. they were going for football but the real estate required for that is far too expensive in manhattan. also, you know, pig skin.
  16. There is also a prayer room at the Pentagon. No one seems to care about that...
  17. They could go Aussie rules, they use kangaroo skin. That's not got a cloven hoof either, so if they want to give the jews a game...
  18. it's non-denominational/non specific to any religion but muslims use it pretty much every day