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Ontopic Mormons and homophobia

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by water, Mar 17, 2010.

  1. I spoke with my mom this morning and she told me how a friend of my younger brother/family friend, who has been married for several years, was "found out" (I don't know the details) by his wife/her family to be gay. As a result they were quickly divorced and he is not allowed to speak to or see his daughter, his ex-wife's family has basically cut him off entirely. She then told me how the treatment he'd received, for just being who he really was, absolutely sickened her. Frankly, I feel the same way about it.

    In order to survive politically and socially eventually the Mormon religion is going to have to evolve, change with the times, as it were. The war they're waging against homosexuality is silly and pointless, and only drives people away. Like every other issue they've taken a heavy stance against in the past, and then suddenly chosen to accept, eventually they will have to come to terms with the reality that being gay isn't really a personal choice that one can suppress (and be legitimately happy), nor is it a terrible evil that needs to be scourged from society.

    More frustrating is the simple and close-minded view that the average mormon has towards gays as a result of the heavy indoctrination that they are a threat. Verbal gay bashing is common in church, I'm embarrassed to say. Completely innocuous and unrelated topics are sometimes inexplicably turned towards laying blame on gays for whatever problem is currently discussed. Issues with family, sexuality, doctrine, all are inside the cross hairs of the gay demons just lurking outside the church walls, while they roller stake outside wearing too short jean shorts, a plaid tied off at the belly work shirt, and for seemingly no reason, a construction workers hat, a direct insult to the American blue-collar conservative. Nothing is safe from these interlopers.

    I'm not sure what inspired me to rant about this morning, honestly I think it's because if I made the same arguments while in church I'd probably get thrown out. At least here I know I'll get some balanced feedback.
  2. Gosh that's tough. Closed-mindedness is the devil.
  3. Yes, you would probably get thrown out and it sucks.

    I know that a large number of Catholics, at least in this area, are no longer that way - not sure what precipitated the gradual lessening of hatred, I'll ask around a bit.
  4. That poor guy; I can't imagine what he's going thru. Lost his family and everyone hes always known that he trusts and loves.

    Hate and misinformation is a horrible mix. :(. Ex. KKK
  5. Thoughts and beliefs are constantly changing in the world as we learn new information. Either accept new ideas or get stuck with the incorrect old school thought. I'll point and laugh if you're stuck.
  6. The most important thing is having people realize that homosexuality isn't just a choice.
  7. OMG is this your coming out thread!!?!??!?!
  8. When I was little my grandmother told me to hate the sin, love the sinner.

    Apparently others weren't taught this.

    If I were the guy, I would take his ex to court for rights to that kid.
  9. I'm still of the opinion that that shouldn't matter anyway.
  10. I don't want to ruin your thread by "playing" so I will just back out now, but thank you for at least being one more that has understanding and compassion.
  11. He would lose in a heartbeat.
  12. Unfortunately it does seem that men in general have a much harder time in court with these types of cases :(
  13. I agree with that.....but just like some people distance themselves from those who do drugs.....when it's a choice, it's their fault.....take choice out of the equation, and even those who would be normally less sympathetic, would have less reason to.

  14. I have cut away the rest of the rant to highlight the really important bit.
  15. Several times while in church I've debated saying something when they start up with "well, see the biggest threat to family is the gays", but honestly I don't want the fallout to land on Kimie, so I just keep my mouth shut.

    Nor can I. I knew him pretty well growing up, and honestly it doesn't really surprise me that he's gay, nor do I think any less of him on any level as a result. It's just tragic.

  16. Dave is going to need a mop to clean the mess he just made.
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    You wish. :haaay:

    I love my wife, and can honestly and completely say that I've never been attracted to men.
  18. Except it's not just the religious that feel that way about homosexuals
  19. Distancing is quite different from out and out shunning/hatred though.

    I don't surround myself with users of illegal drugs, but I don't particularly care if people want to use them or not.

    Although that DOES bring up an excellent point.

    Ghost - forgive me for asking, but would you expect someone discovered to be using an illegal drug to be treated the same in that particular church?
  20. I was merely using that as an example to portray how choice can affect your opinion on someone for what they do.