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More Support Hell

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by lemon_fresh, Oct 22, 2004.

  1. Every morning via e-mail I and others in the IT department receive a statua report from the night guy in the Atlanta office. Generally, it pretty damn boring, "installed this, deleted that," kinda stuff. Last nights however I found particularly funny.

    Here it is:

    Lea's emac is now updated to 10.3.4, her networking stuff from
    what i can tell is working fine.

    this is the exact reason i did not want to touch her desk. her desk is
    covered in trinkets and doodads and there is no space to really get her
    tower out easily. its buried under stuff. i did not know the shelf was
    not screwed down to her desk. so when i pulled her tower up to put it
    on the desk, her makeshift wall fell on the graphic artist in front of
    her and her flimsy shelf fell off the desk. for future reference, lets
    try to make a rule that you should not have a full bowl of sand on your
    desk. the sand went all over the floor and her plants fell out of the
    pot . everything that was on the shelf fell off. luckily none of the
    glass was broken. her headphones were broken in the fall. the lamp she
    had on her desk fell off and the nob was broken off. there is no way
    she had her tower pulled out the night before last for her new
    harddrive because it was still in the exact position under the exact
    amount of junk. if that wall had injured that graphic artisit that
    could have opened up the company to liability. I understand people want
    to make their work areas unique and comfortable but this is out of
    control. after i installed the drive and cleaned her desk up the best i
    could i tested her computer and her connectivity and everything seems

  2. Ahahahahahaha, priceless

    A bowl of sand, seriously some people are too dumb to be working in an office :lol:
  3. that's fucking hysterical.

    people are idiots with what they have on their desks, we've got a group in our corporate office that thought it would be cool to have little fishtanks on their desks.

    I've got a plant on mine. :cool:
  4. Plants can be a problem though. At the old office one lady had the plant on her monitor. I was always afraid that she'd water it too much and electrocute her self.
  5. i've got a pretty large desk that wraps around 3 walls in my office. (i share the other half with my best friend who's the phone tech, and who got me my job. needless to say there's a LOT of horseplay) my plant is in more danger of falling onto the floor (because I keep pushing shit down to the end of the desk) than anything else.
  6. Fucking mac users.

    Why the hell was he working on a tower though? eMacs are all in one machines.
  7. horseplay eh?

    Who's the jockey?
  8. That's awesome....... :lol:
  9. i'm always the jockey.