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Mmmmmmm Barium Sulfate Suspension :drool:

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by Syrup Beaver, Oct 22, 2004.

  1. Drinking my lovely 'Berry Smoothie' flavored drink for my CT scans this afternoon.

    Beleive it or not, this is the best tasting flavor yet.

    It's quite refreshing if it's ice-cold.
  2. are you going to post the CT scan results?
  3. Since Mondoz was offered his on CD, I'm gonna ask for mine that way too :p
  4. fuck that, get copies of the images, scan em in, post em up!
  5. Sweet! Helluva way to get to enjoy a drink though man :(
  6. Yeah, let's see 'em!
  7. nice, now you have no excuse to not post them.

    BTW: what part of your body are you getting scanned? pen0s???
  8. If you post them, I'll post my endoscopy (I wasn't lucky enough to get a colonoscopy) pics. It'll be fun, I swear. :heart:
  9. Pen0s is included, pelvic and chest CT's today
  10. It doesn't taste THAT good :lol:

  11. Upper endoscopy?

    I just finished transcribing a colonoscopy report. The doctor mentioned that the patient had eaten corn the day before the procedure was done.
  12. OMG :drool:
  13. why are they doing this??? are you sick?
  14. Ahahahahaha, that's nasty :p
  15. I have pics of the top of my stomach, the insides, and the small intestines... its nice, they are actual pics with a light and stuff. Wish I had swallowed a hot wheels car or something for effect.
  16. k everyone repeat after me
    "no nodes, no evidence of disease"

  17. Ain't it though. A couple of weeks ago the same doctor reported that a patient had eaten macaroni and cheese. A different doctor reported that a patient had eaten green Jello the day before.

    The macaroni and cheese report just happened to be the one I did just before lunch that day.
  18. Can you guess what I had for lunch? [​IMG]
  19. Post 'em! I wanna see them!
  20. did it make you want macaroni and cheese?