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Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by shamwow, Oct 20, 2004.

  1. #1 shamwow, Oct 20, 2004
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    I just had a morphine lollipop:lol: (coincidentally my favorite band of all time - Morphine)
    someone gave it to me at a b-day party:D
  2. eh? :confused: oh and thanks for the mod vote :heart: :p
  3. Druggie!
  4. I'm no druggie...I tried one for shits and giggles and honestly I really can't feel much from it...must've been all the drugs I did in my younger years:D
  5. Former druggie!
  6. think I'm feeling it a bit:D

    Seriously though, why are they making morphine lollipops. Are they trying to hook kids while they're young or what?
  8. think the point is to ease pain in an unintimidating manner
  9. Interesting, but I'm still confused. The only other medicine in lollipop form is cold medicine for yound children......that sort of contrasts morphine :p

    (not saying it wouldn't be fun though)
  10. it's for kids with cancer...cold medicine wont cut it there:lol:
  11. "Well, Little Johnnie, I'm afraid you have terminal cancer of the brain and I'm afraid you may feel some slight pain in the coming months, but tell you's a lollipop!"

    I'm going to hell.
  12. fixt:lol:
    that'd prolly waste ya!:D
  13. since 7-5-2002 :p
  14. At least I know someone else who'll be joining me in the same pit of hell.

    Bless you.
  15. Point taken.

    I had a chance to get was like a faint, glistening sparkle of hope...and then I made my first post...
  16. You think hell has a level designated for genmayers?

    I think we might have to deal with overcrowding.

    ...pass me a lollipop.
  17. lol...1st day of gm??:D
  18. First full day.

    And aren't you one of the conductors of that merry mantrain to hell :p