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Mmmm, gadgets

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by theacoustician, Oct 27, 2004.

  1. I got a USB swiss army knife for mah birfday. Now I'm trying to find badass apps for thumbdrives or interesting uses. Google only turns up reviews and retails of drives. What interesting uses/apps do you have for your thumbdrive?
  2. go go gadget me!
  3. I don't know if there's really anything I would consider interesting....... minimal file sharing, maybe bios flashing, but outside of that, I think they're just a neat little trinket.
  4. I gave mine away, never used it
  5. I should have sent you that present that guy recommended me, Im sure you'd be entertained for hours.
  6. I was thinking an emergency boot disk or something. Also space for some filesharing and maybe contact/medical info.
  7. how much space is on it?

  8. Emergency boot disk is a good idea...... hadn't thought of that one.
  9. 64MB. Not a whole lot, but its super freaking small. That, and the fact it fits on a swiss army knife is just cool.

  10. Wow. So how much space would an emergency boot disk take? Only about 1, 1.5mb isn't it? Still plenty of room for some important stuff on there.
  11. it is pretty cool. i think you should put some disgusting horse porn, plus goatse, tubgirl, lemonparty, etc. rename them "girlfriendnude1.jpg" etc. just in case you lose it. good times had by all
  12. <-- that's it btw

    Yeah. It's not big enough to be useful for big file storage, but its badass for utilities and whatnot. Considering its a Swiss Army Knife, I think the computer utility theme is very fitting. I just wanted to know if anyone here had set up a thumbdrive as a disaster recovery tool or computer diagonstic tool and what they had on it.
  13. Did that come with the free Nerd Herd ID badge? :fly:
  14. Threaten a people with it. "I've got a virus on here and I'm not afraid to to use!"

    And sort of hover it around a port on their computer.

  15. Have you been posting today? Either that was the first slightly funny that I noticed you saying or you haven't been posting...
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    Not posting very much...I was working on a chop for the past 15 minutes for that PG thread.

    Humping your dog.
  17. I know you meatsacks are nerdy. Give me ideas of apps and tools to load on this thing.
  18. I saw one of those at thinkgeek! And for the man who has everything, ladies and gentlemen, I present: The wristwatch television!

  19. Except it won't be able to tune in squat in a year or two.