NSFW Mile high club


I like the AB in the GB
Oct 19, 2004
South Harmon Institute of Technology
We're on a plane bishes.

First class. Paid for by usair miles :cool:

And some n00b from coach just used our bathroom. :rolleyes:

I felt a little obnoxious enjoying a screwdriver as the people in steerage were boarded on the already delayed flight. But only a little.

F33n's watching Duck Dynasty on her iPad, commercial free, courtesy of our 7MC setup.

No pics.

Is this the trip to Atlanta? Just looked in my pm's but the date wasn't listed in our discussion.
Call for the stewardess and say "hey sweet cheeks. get those carpetbaggers away from my bathroom, pronto" and slap her ass for good measure.
I find that always gets you good service.