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GAY Meet the Super Gay - Donor 45

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by Sarcasmo, Jul 8, 2010.

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    Antibody Kills 91% of HIV Strains

  2. I saw this earlier... very interesting.

    Will this make people want to have free love more often?
  3. I'm having gay sex right now!

    Wait, what?
  5. I don't think anyone is afraid of getting the HIV anymore (unless you run in some serious fucked up circles).

    Most people are worried about herpes or kids.
  6. HIV is the scariest one of them all though. I don't run in fucked up circles, but I know people with the HIV. It's not like its a rare virus... lol.
  7. I'm just afraid of HIV mutating into something even worse.
  8. Stop plooking things you shouldn't be plooking, sheesh.
  9. well for you maybe. you eat kidz for breakfast. id don't know anyone that eats the hiv for breakfast.
  10. I'm sure there are a few glory holes where you could find such a person.
  11. I do not understand this post!
  12. me either, I've been drinkin' in prepearation for vacation next week on a lake ;)
  13. It made sense to me.

    Must be the right frequency of drunk.

    Right now I'm tuning in rutabega twelve.

  14. it made sense when i posted it, but that was a few glasses of riesling ago...
  15. :elfpenis:
  16. I called an ambulance for a homeless guy a few weeks back who had me tell the 911 op he was HIV pos. I'm sure glad I didn't hit that shit before I called.
  17. You can't get it twice, idiot.
  18. Now we know what happened to donors 1 through 44.
  19. Ya you can, there are different strains.