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McDonalds monopoly pieces trading thread v2

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by shockthemonkey, Oct 22, 2004.

  1. I just acquired 2 orange (cell phone) and two light blue (xbox) pieces and two Railroad pieces (white water rafting trip)

    New York Ave
    St James Place

    lt blue:
    Connecticut ave
    Oriental Ave

    B&O RR
    Reading RR

    I'm willing to trade my remaining pieces and two $1 bb stickers for any piece that completes the orange or lt blue sets.
  2. You know the odds of getting those pieces is astronomical, right? You'd be better off buying a cell phone or an xbox before they actually get unearthed.
  3. oh i know, which is why im enlisting the help of the UF....

    I don't regularly eat at mcdonalds so if I can't get a matching piece like this, i'll just throw this stuff out

  4. Wish I could help you out man; I don't eat at McD's either though. I know that the lure of all that "free" stuff is probably a real boost to their sales right about now too!
  5. im sure it is.... you get the gambling types who will be certain the next meal will win

    id like to win something but im not holding my breath... im just kinda hoping someone has a missing piece and we could each win.

    the civic they offer is interesting... you get the civic and $15k to modify it.... i think id just give the honda to my dad for commuting and I'd use the 15k for my own car :D
  6. Hmm.... I guess I should pay closer attention to the game. A civic + $15k to modify would be fun.
  7. chances of that are truely impossible

    edit: but it would be awesome to win
  8. If only they put the peices on McGriddles. :drool:
  9. You're right, but it would be pretty fun. I love tinkering.
  10. you dont do the customization yourself... west coast customs would...

    i figured what i'd do is ask them to ship me 2 blue recaros, bilstein CO's, magnaflow exhaust, brembo brake kit, new 18" lightweight wheels (needed for the brake kit), new tires, HIDs, CF hood (ricey, i know, but hey... its free), new yellowtop battery, some basic engine parts that are nice to have but dont do anything (like a grounding kit, better ignition, nice plugs, better hoses, bigger rad, lightweight fans... i could come up with more) until the 15k - shipping is used up.. what sucks is my car is great already, and the aftermarket for it is weak (also ford is hard on aftermarket parts when it comes to the warranty, so i cant get a turbo or SC).... so im limited to stupid ricey boltons

  11. What are you driving? Focus??
  12. #12 shockthemonkey, Oct 22, 2004
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    2002 SVT Focus... sonic blue with blue interior :drool:

    edit: you can tell i just stopped adding pictures.... because I never posted a shot of the finished shifter or of the intake I got (Which was sweeeeet, steeda intake >*)

  13. You know, I'm probably going to be getting a new car next year, and have been eyeballing those SVT's pretty hard.

    edit: and your link doesn't like me either :(
  14. herm ok, it should work but im on secondary DNS for the time being (i turned off my primary DNS server because "i felt like it" and it has been down for a while.... i did just test it and the link is fine so its probably DNS try and click on the focus link)

    the SVTF is a great, great car. if you have kids, get the 5 door.... everything on it is great... the safety ratings are awesome... plus its a safe car because you can stop/dodge just about anything. and its dirt cheap :D

  15. That just points me back to the original link..... which still doesn't work. Perhaps I'm a :tard: , just like my parents have told me.

    Hmm... forgot there was a 5 door. That would be helpful with the chilluns for sure. The deal sealer or breaker for me is mileage- I get anywhere from 34 to 38 with my current car (95 Neon Sport Coupe- don't laugh :mad: ) and would need to get at least as good as I'm getting now for my commute.
  16. ahhh ok then you dont want the svtf.... it gets about 22-26mpg, depending on how you drive, and it takes 91 octane fuel.

    i just booted my primary dns server, i dunno if that will help you... i dont know why it wouldnt work :(

    edit: if you want a good mpg car, look at the VW jetti tdi :drool:

  17. My current car takes super too- it's been upgraded a bit. CAI, throttle body, header, exhaust, lighter flywheel, heavy duty clutch, underdrive pulley, mopar computer, stupid shit like that. I drive like a maniac and am still getting that mileage :fly:

    It's working now. Neat little car man. I've kinda realized that without going to some sort of unhappy extreme, I probably won't be getting that kind of mileage with my next car. I'm okay with it :)
  18. :lol:

    i keep a list of the rare ones in my car