MapQuest, Google, and Yahoo can all kiss my ass

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Keep Being A Little Bitch
Oct 15, 2004
:angst: <--- that probably won't work, I don't know/care

All the major map services have the address to one of our offices wrong. Sometimes it's off by two miles, sometimes more than five (it depends on whether or not you put "North" before the street's name). For months I've emailed all these services and nothing has been done. Patients are constantly calling saying they're lost because of the damn directions from MapQuest.

It's damn impossible to contact MapQuest, I didn't even know they were owned by AOL until I whoised the domain. :rolleyes: Contacting AOL corporate did jack shit, I ended up having to leave a voicemail with some douche in communications. Google was slightly less helpful in that I wasn't even given a phone number, just had to leave my contact info and hope they get back to me.

And Yahoo...:mad: :mad: Those fuckers are useless, all they did was continue to say I need to fill out the form on the site and when I bitched enough someone finally gave me an email address for the upper management but lord knows that'll probably never get answered.

How fucking hard is it to just connect me with the nerds that update the fucking database? Is it really that big of a deal to speak to someone other than an airheaded receptionist who can do nothing more than type in a few keywords and pop off that I need to contact customer service? :tard:

And it's probably all the city's fault for bad info but I can't be sure where these people even get their information from so unless someone calls me back I'm gonna have to continue to deal with this crap from people since the girls here that answer the phone can't grasp the simple concept of "If someone makes an appointment at this office, tell them they can't get directions online".

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A Taste Of Honey Fluff Boy
Mar 28, 2005
Wow, you sound like you actually thought corporations listen to the specks of dust that are their customers.