Man Thread: How about them Vikes? And other football ish

man, i was so impressed with the patriots yesterday. they seriously did a number defensively on peyton manning and his crew, holding them to a field goal. like the old adage, offense wins games, defense wins championships.
Coqui said:
:lol: @ people who said Eagles were nothing without TO. One more game and he's back + they're in the SuperBowl.
Scoring 27 points against the Viking's defense is like stealing girl scout cookies from fly.

We'll see how they do against Atlanta's d.
on the AFC > NFC look back at the 90's. The NFC was the dominate conference, now the AFC is for awhile. If you look at the NFC there is a fair number of teams "rebuilding" or having a rediculously bad year. The NFC will get better.