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Man Rescued From Manhole

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by Mustard Dispenser, Oct 26, 2004.

  1. This story made me cackle like an idiot.
    My only thought is, they never mention whose manhole he was stuck in:shady:
  2. Yikes... I get my pinky toe stuck in those.
  3. Where did he fall from?
  4. Goatse lives in Houston?

  5. Dunno
    Thats part of the mystery!

  6. And apparently he catches random men falling from the sky
  7. They sent oxygen into the hole?

  8. Telecom guy.

    Working on a telephone pole, felt dizzy, and dove head first landing perfectly into a manhole.

    9.8 on execution. 7.6 on style.
  9. some guys have all the luck :(
  10. No, but Sleeman does ...
  11. That explains it.
  12. How do you think April's petting zoo stays alive?
  14. There's a gay bar here in Chicago called the manhole... when I saw this thread it made me think of that bar.
  15. Manholes, sewers and any sort of general underground thing like that scares me after reading IT.
  16. you slut you went there without me didnt you