WTF Mama said knock you out. for $5


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Oct 13, 2004
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Girl looks kinda like april.

A 22-year-old woman allegedly killed an aspiring rap singer with a single punch for a $5 party bet.

Tiffany Startz is accused of killing John 'Fatboy' Powell with a single blow to the face and has been told she has to stand trial.
The 25-year-old had agreed to be hit in the face by Starr in return for $5.



Bet: Tiffany Startz, 22, is accused of killing aspiring rap singer John Powell, 25, with a single blow to the face after he agreed to be hit in the face in return for $5

After being struck and collecting his money he walked away to talk with friends, only to collapse minutes later from a burst artery in his neck.
Game: Jimmy Mounts, pictured, had been offering partygoers $5 to take a punch from a female

An autopsy ruled that he had died from a brain haemorrhage caused by blunt force trauma.
Startz, who is 5'5" and weighs 142lbs, was charged with reckless conduct and battery charges stemming from the incident last September in Joliet, Illinois.
Court records revealed that other party-goers gave differing accounts of how Powell suffered his fatal injury with some saying he tripped and hit his head.
Another said he had jumped up and hit his head while performing.
But these were cover-up stories to protect Startz and Jimmy Mounts who had been offering partygoers $5 to take a punch from a female.
A lawyer for Startz had asked Will County Judge Edward Burmila to dismiss the charges as Powell had agreed to be punched in return for $5.
Ira Goldstein said: 'People get paid to get hit.'
Powell was at the party to perform with his rap band Krazy Killaz.
Mounts, 27, who offered guests cash to take a punch from Startz, also faces charges of reckless conduct.


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Sep 30, 2004
Reminds me of the time my sister punched her husband in the face because he was egging her on... he regretted it afterwards. :lol: