Hawt Mail order bride.


Bobbert Cheapstein
Oct 6, 2009
Just some background.

I have a 78 year old half uncle that was an intelligence/radio officer for the CIA briefly in the late '50s. He is also a paranoid schizophrenic. He now lives in seclusion in my 95 year old grandmother's mansion in Texas flying under the radar of the Federal government who he believes wants to harvest his brain for information.

On the last trip to Texas to visit family, my dad and cousin were cleaning out my uncle's room. They found recent letters from potential mail order brides; and one distinct letter allegedly from a (may be the only?) white girl in Ghana. Attached is a scanned copy of the letter and pictures for your viewing pleasure.


I would like to add a picture of my uncle. But you guys would think I made him and this up. It's just too classic.
I don't think you made the mail order bride bit up.

But did you seriously find this in your uncle's room...?

I didn't. My father and cousin did.

Tre, there are like 500 Comfort Adams in Ghana. It's like Bob Smith over there.
Well I did a lot of internetting on this! Hahahaha.

If you're ever in Ghana, look her up! I bet she's big and black!