WTF Made up quotes


In Her Majesty's Secret Cervix
Feb 10, 2010
Robin Hoodland
For no real reason I came up with a few aphorisms then decided to ascribe them to people who might have said them. Feel free to add to the list, or get tee shirts / bumper stickers made

Aspergers is just a fancy way of saying Cunt - Rickie Gervais

Life is like a box of chocolates, it's full of shit you don't like - Forest Gump

Cunt is as cunt does - Forest Gump
Why is it so hard for woman to make the decision to drastically lower their standards and settle with me vs. going without - Duke
Sometimes when I'm feeling really sad I like to take a step back and ask myself "would the world really be a better place without you in it?" Then the little voice inside my head replies "absolutely it would" - Liam
ooh ooh, someone do me - Kiki

also, someone do me. Im interested in a domon impression. Just as i was typing that, it felt like kiki
"I'm sure by this time the American's have stopped looking for us" - Osama Bin Laden

"Fuck them, they're pussies. They won't do shit." -Emperor Hirohito.

"Next to crocs, stingrays are my favorite animal" - Steve Irwin

"It's just a little crack. We'll be fine" - Pilot of the space shuttle Columbia.

"Who's a fluffy little kitty. You're a fluffy little kitty. Here kitty kitty kitty" Roy, of Sigfried and Roy.