Macaulay Culkin is one creepy looking dewd-guy these days


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Oct 29, 2004
I was watching a CNN interview with him the other night in the hotel, and I must say; he should've killed himself before puberty so he could have been known through the ages as "the cute kid from Home Alone who killed himself before puberty that Michael Jackson had a bizarre and unnatural infatuation with." The guy just looks greasy, strange, and awkward. I get the feeling he's going to come out in 5 years or so as the pastor of a Michael Jackson religion that emphasizes touching little boys.

During the interview he didn't make much eye contact with Larry King, or the camera, and instead stared at the ground while rambling off lame details about his childhood acting career. At one point he relayed a story of how is extremely clever father helped him be a better actor by telling him he should memorize his lines :tard:. He spent most of the interview defending Jackson (if you don't think he did SOMETHING wrong by now you are too much of an MJ fan boy), and the rest talking about how he'd like to get back into movie

*shivers, the guy creeps me out is all I'm saying.

I was originally going to use a vidcap from the CNN image, but found this on google and thought it more appropriate for the needs of my thread
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He was recently in that movie with Mandi Moore. Is he still married?
He's an idiot, and his dad is a piece of scum who probably arranged Macaulay's sexual encounters with MJ for a fee.
Pandora said:
That movie was awesome.

There's only one reason Christian girls come to Planned Parenthood.
She's planting a pipe bomb?
Okay, two reasons.

:fly:, Kiwi put "Saved" on the Blockbuster mail list.