Thread Lost

I enjoyed it. Despite having seen every episode I wasn't terribly invested in the characters so there were no "touching" moments for me.

I was hoping that it would fit the theory I mentioned earlier but the purgatory thing wasn't bad. Not as interesting, in my opinion, but I understand their reasons for it.

About to watch the jimmy kimmel episode to hear the alternate endings.

Also, I could probably grab some sheet music and write the fucking score from memory.
According to the Simpsons

don't think I ever made it through a full episode. hot some hot chicks but it still wasn't enough to make me want to watch
So a bunch of people die in a plane crash and end up in Purgatory, and it takes 6 fucking years to tell that story. Now I'm really glad I didn't watch it.
Yes it was. Christian even said so.

No. He said everything that happened on the island was real.

It was only the sideways universe that was purgatory. The island itself, and all that happened on it, really happened.

Which is why Hurley told Ben he was a good #2. Because they stayed on the island and protected it until they died long later.,

Which is why Kate told Jack she missed him. She left the island in the plane, and lived her life. She died long after jack.

Which is why Ben sat outside the church. He still had things to atone for.