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Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by fly, Feb 21, 2013.

  1. what the fuck man. that should be priority 1
  2. You knew the dangers of making out with kiki
  3. and thats why i didnt do it.
  4. and chose instead to suck her cock which is how you got the herp.
  5. Hows things at that other forum? :fly:
  6. Genmay? Don't think I've been there since last summer. :p
  7. Make me an admin :fly:
  8. Sanjay made everyone who didn't work directly for Tardgather a supermod at most. Lost admin rights years ago.
  9. And then removed all those privileges too. And then banned everyone who posted more than once a week :D
  10. Is it gone now?
  11. dunno, havent checked in a while.

    I dont think its gone gone, but the bans never got released.
  12. Two threads with replies recently. Every other thread hasn't been touched in two hours.
  13. I go there accidentally. Have the bookmark still on my toolbar and accidentally click it sometimes. Then I feel sad
  14. It's an icywater drink and drug circle jerk. He's an admin. :lol:

    Stock is at 8 cents a share.
  15. I wish some of the good people would have come over. Pyramid, namely.
  16. Buy controlling interest, kill genmay, sell stock
  17. Out if who was there last time I was there, he is the only one that didnt transition
  18. I only have $37.50 to spare right now.

    Also, sandouche banned all the posters? :thrawn:
  19. 37.50 should do it
  20. Mister, you just bought yourself a company!