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Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by fly, Feb 21, 2013.

  1. Everything works for me too. Suckers
  2. Same here.
  3. That's because he fixed it.
  4. I hate you.
  5. Worked before
  6. nah-uh!
  7. Still not showing that I replied to your financial thread.
  8. I like upgrades.
  9. The forum is slow on my tapatalk.

    My signal is -93dbm, think that makes a difference?
  10. how are you even connected.

    edit: wait, thats not wifi dbm, nevermind

    wifi you're lucky if you can connect at 1mbit anywhere below 75
  11. Yeah, I think VB didn't like the high load that the initial search build took. Whoops :hs:
    I'm seeing slowness too. I'm hoping it settles down as everything gets recached and the search catches up. If its still like that tomorrow, please lemme know.
  12. I haven't noticed an issue at all today, at least not on this end.
  13. Sure thing boo
  14. "Just because I can't tell you what a time code means, it doesn't mean I'm lying."
    -Claude Elsinore
  15. tapatalks participated works now

    thanks fish
  16. Worked b7
  17. Fish? Is that Fly's nickname these days? Irony at its' finest!
  18. Because that's what his vagina smells like.
  19. :heart:
  20. Other than Domon's herpes, I think everything is fixed for now...