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Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by fly, Feb 21, 2013.

  1. Works fine here.
  2. Keekles needs to lern 2 internets :fly:
  3. Maybe she couldn't "log in" correctly or something.
  4. Why did the participated tab on tapatalk stop working for this forum? I'm tired of looking at all these threads I don't wanna go into
  5. It probably relies on search, which is down right now. I'll hopefully have some time tomorrow to look at it.
  6. always breaking my shit
  7. I thought that was Gay Scott's job.
  8. Was it turned off? :iono:
  9. I dunno, did you turn it off? :p
  10. Forum may be a little slow as I'm rebuilding the search index. Hopefully it won't take long.
  11. My posts aren't showing up (maybe about 25% of them show up)
  12. The forum gave me herpes. Please uninstall.
  13. Well hopefully that will be fixed when this is done. Hopefully.
  14. Hopefully search and everything else are working now.
  15. The Mayan thread shows new posts in the index, but not when I open 'er up.

    I think my token ring fell out.
  16. Yeah, every other thread seems fine but that one. Trying to figgur that one out now. I should probably get an adult beverage, as I'm sure that would help. BRB
  17. Enjoy your bran milk.
  18. Still have herpes. Waiting on patch. Plz hurry
  19. mayan thread works just fine for me.