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Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by fly, Feb 21, 2013.

  1. Don't hate cause people don't like you.
  2. Why does everyone like April so much? She sucks.
  3. You are not allowed anywhere near mah babies.

    Exactly why they like me.
  4. :lol: my mom likes me. so does ETFC, i will pet him one day
  5. He'll bite you! *hisssss*
  6. i'll pull down my pants and show him where his balls went
  7. You have cat testicles?
  8. Hahahahahahahahaha
  9. I'm all for a no pants zone at home, but please don't pull down your pants in my house.

  10. It's called felching,
  11. No worries, sitting on ur couch pantless = cat aids. Noooo thnx
  12. You just answered your own question.

  13. If you took your pants off in our house, you wouldn't be sitting
  14. Im not quite sure, the mint is doing real well, the word "mojito" has been bandied about.
    I will let ya know if solid plans evolve, right now is mainly talking about it.
  15. :lolbow: wtf ahahahaaaaa
  16. That's why they like her, she gets around.
  17. She leaves marks behind?
  18. Just ask her sweater
  19. -dead- :lol:
  20. Tapatalk needs to add a gravy button :lol: