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Oct 29, 2004
Ultra long chat log coming, cause why not?

Plankrat[8:12 AM]:

Do you use the pusher app often?

Iluvhobopeenitb[8:12 AM]:

Oh, yes

All of the time, sir.

Plankrat[8:12 AM]:

Does it work for you everytime?

Iluvhobopeenitb[8:12 AM]:

It allows me not have to go talk to people

Which I hate doing

Plankrat[8:12 AM]:

It only works like half the time here. Not even that.

Iluvhobopeenitb[8:12 AM]:

Do you have your own folder structure out there?

Or are you pulling from here or STP?

Plankrat[8:13 AM]:

we have our own.


Iluvhobopeenitb[8:13 AM]:


iono, man

I've had good success with it

I've used it on some big mass rollouts even

Plankrat[8:14 AM]:

I was about to msg zac but I thought I'd ask you first. I'll get with im since he wrote it.

Iluvhobopeenitb[8:16 AM]:


Plankrat[8:16 AM]:


Plankrat[9:15 AM]:

11:16 AMJohn

How would we troubleshoot pusher app issues? It only works 25% of the time here. I spoke with Kyle and he says it
works everytime for him.

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12:13 PMZac

thats cause kyle never checks up on his work

in reality, it probably works even less for him

Fly[9:16 AM]:

sup tiny

Plankrat[9:16 AM]:

Fly -

go ahead.* hes to tiny to scare me.

Plankrat -

so he's a small guy? As in the Napolean complex thing?

Fly -



Iluvhobopeenitb[9:16 AM]:

wtf u say to me, bish?

Plankrat[9:16 AM]:

I feel Zac muggin you Kyle...

Fly[9:17 AM]:

im over hurr poppin bottles

Plankrat[9:17 AM]:

naga please.

Fly[9:17 AM]:

u no how we do it in teh Burg

Iluvhobopeenitb[9:17 AM]:

Dude, I've used pusher a ton

Plankrat[9:18 AM]:

Using it is one thing, verifying it worked is another. :)

Iluvhobopeenitb[9:18 AM]:

I just used it for a Java reinstall yesterday

Fly[9:18 AM]:

he has a point

did it actually work?

Plankrat[9:18 AM]:

Just like you acting mean and tough is one thing, actually doing something is another.

Iluvhobopeenitb[9:18 AM]:

yes, it worked

Plankrat[9:18 AM]:


Iluvhobopeenitb[9:19 AM]:

Maybe you guys are getting hung up in using it

Plankrat[9:19 AM]:

Can schedule some conference calls so you can show us?

Iluvhobopeenitb[9:19 AM]:

Is it the part where you type in the PC name or where you hit "push" that is giving you grief?

Fly[9:20 AM]:


Iluvhobopeenitb[9:20 AM]:

I would expect to be having a conversation like this with Vern or Ken.

Fly[9:20 AM]:

put in pc name, what do?

Plankrat[9:20 AM]:

I just tried it with powerdvd. Did not work.


Iluvhobopeenitb[9:20 AM]:

what pc name? what do?

Plankrat[9:20 AM]:

no pusher for home?

Iluvhobopeenitb[9:21 AM]:

Since I'm using the vastly superiorer Windows 7, please give me a minute to open my XP VM machine

At which point I will school you verily

Fly[9:21 AM]:


Iluvhobopeenitb[9:22 AM]:

Stupid thing sucks

God, it's ugly

Sorry, Vern walked in

Still waiting on the VM

That was a sick ice burn just then

Fly[9:23 AM]:

which is ironic, cause ice doesnt burn

and neither do you

see how i did that?

Iluvhobopeenitb[9:23 AM]:

No, not really

It started to go somewhere and then got side tracked watching some kids get on a bus, or something

Fly[9:24 AM]:


Iluvhobopeenitb[9:25 AM]:

u jeal of mah style boy

Plankrat[9:26 AM]:

You two should just make out already.

Fly[9:26 AM]:


i hope you've shaved this time gnome chompsky

Iluvhobopeenitb[9:27 AM]:

Zac got all handsy with another dude named Kyle once

Yeah, that wasn't projecting AT ALL

Plankrat[9:27 AM]:


Iluvhobopeenitb[9:27 AM]:

Funny thing


I said funny thing

That's a true story too

Fly[9:28 AM]:

he got handsy with me.* telling, isn't it?

guys named kyle are g4y

there, its out there now

Iluvhobopeenitb[9:29 AM]:

Zac, please Push VNC PHX-OPS-315CZB1 and tell me if Power DVD installed or not

I know it did, because I checked

But I want YOU to see it

Fly[9:29 AM]:

yep, looks good

(didnt check)

Iluvhobopeenitb[9:30 AM]:

I hate you.



Plankrat[9:30 AM]:


Iluvhobopeenitb[9:30 AM]:



Plankrat[9:30 AM]:


Iluvhobopeenitb[9:30 AM]:

What we have here is A) Failure on your part

B) You not knowing what you're doing

I thought about making a C, but it was redundant

Plankrat[9:31 AM]:


Iluvhobopeenitb[9:31 AM]:

11) I'm awesome

Fly[9:31 AM]:

12) 11 is a lie

Plankrat[9:31 AM]:

13) 12 is truth.

Iluvhobopeenitb[9:32 AM]:


Plankrat[9:32 AM]:


Iluvhobopeenitb[9:32 AM]:

You should invite John to UF

he'd fit in

Fly[9:32 AM]:

i think you just did

Plankrat[9:32 AM]:


Iluvhobopeenitb[9:32 AM]:

No, I didn't

As you can see

There's no link or url

Fly[9:33 AM]:


Plankrat[9:33 AM]:

Does this invite include a sweet flyer?

Fly[9:34 AM]:

sadly, no

its a lot less fanfare than that

Iluvhobopeenitb[9:34 AM]:

https://apps.p-killed link Plankra...casionally post at [url] if you ever get bored.* :D

Iluvhobopeenitb[9:35 AM]:

I've seriously written shit like "Did this really need a ticket?" and then closed it

Fly[9:36 AM]:

so, lets get down

to brass tacks

Have you been to Los Pantalones de la Torta?

and if you have, have you asked to see people's papers?

Iluvhobopeenitb[9:36 AM]:

The pants of the torta?

Fly[9:37 AM]:

whatever its called

Iluvhobopeenitb[9:37 AM]:

Reyes (king)

The King Of the Hamburger is more or less what it's full translation would be

Fly[9:37 AM]:

ur the king of dudes pants

Iluvhobopeenitb[9:37 AM]:

I do enjoy a fine pair of slacks, truth be told

Fly[9:37 AM]:

torta = sandwich

Iluvhobopeenitb[9:38 AM]:

Open face club

Plankrat[9:38 AM]:

I post on, if you guys ever get bored. :)

Will check out useless.

Iluvhobopeenitb[9:38 AM]:


No way

Fly[9:38 AM]:


Iluvhobopeenitb[9:38 AM]:

What's your screen name?

Plankrat[9:39 AM]:

That, I'm not telling.

Fly[9:39 AM]:

i haven't posted there since fazle made it pay to post

Iluvhobopeenitb[9:39 AM]:


Plankrat[9:39 AM]:

I ain't stupid.


Fly[9:39 AM]:

im <1k UID at nonewbs


Iluvhobopeenitb[9:39 AM]:

Nonewbs has been slowly dying recently

Plankrat[9:39 AM]:

You'll just find a lot of topics of me bitching about Kyle, complete with full communicator convos and everything.

Iluvhobopeenitb[9:39 AM]:

It's total lack of moderation has been it's downfall


Funny you say that

I made a thread on UF specifically for IM convos with Zac

which I may copy this into after I take the names out

Seriously, what's your OT name

I must know

Fly[9:40 AM]:

kyles is "iluvhobopeen'

Iluvhobopeenitb[9:41 AM]:


It's iluvhobopeenitb

Plankrat[9:41 AM]:

you sure he doesn't spell out love?

Fly[9:41 AM]:

crap, maybe so
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