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FYI LOL Blizzard

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by taivas, Jul 6, 2010.

  1. So the World of Warcraft forums have never exactly had a great reputation. They're populated largely by trolls ready and willing at moment's notice to insult, mislead, and confuse any hapless newbie (in between making racial slurs, raiding other forums, and posting threads about masturbation techniques.)

    For many years, the community pleaded with Blizzard for better forum moderation. It came and went - a new moderator would appear, bans would get handed out liberally for a week, then it was back to business as usual. So someone at Blizzard had a brilliant idea: "Hey, instead of hiring more people to police our forums... people act like jerks because they're anonymous. Let's make them post with their real names in the future!"

    Shit HIT THE FAN. By my math, there's a new post being made at least every three seconds in the main announcement thread. I haven't seen this many people post about anything WoW-related, at all, ever, much less agreeing with each other. (To include the MVPs, the people who get to post in green for being exceptionally helpful community members.)

    All that remains to be seen is whether Blizzard will admit it was a terribad idea, or whether they'll wait and see how many people actually make good on their threats to cancel their accounts and SC2 pre-orders.

  2. WOW players are just like crackheads and there is no way they are giving it up.
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    Interesting. I just tried to login to to simple remove my first and last name from the profile fields (information they require you to enter when making CC purchases from the site, which I've done) and the fields are locked out entirely. They've basically forced me to give them my real name which they can now publish anywhere they see fit. Guess I'll be signing up for another account when Starcraft 2 comes out.
  4. y'know what happens when an EVE player cancels his account and starts playing WoW?

    the average IQ of both goes up
  5. Whats the problem? Don't like it, don't post on their forums. :confused:
  6. Nothing upsets little nerdrage internet f*gs like stripping them of their protective anonymity.

    We aren't doing that here, are we?
  7. Not about ice cream?

  8. Pumpkin in only a few more months!
  9. :barf:
  10. In the SC2 beta it displayed your full name in the profile screen after the last patch.

  11. An article I read about this said the nerdmob found the name of some random blizzard employee, scoured the intertubes for all the info they could on him, then posted it publicly for everyone to exploit.
    Problem was, they were attacking some random person that had nothing to do with blizzard other than having the same name as the person they were raging at.
  12. I hope they all go to jail and discover sodomy.
  13. See, but it's exactly this kind of bullshit that will happen all the time once Blizzard makes their move. The nerd ragers would go ballistic searching everything on the internet for PI on anyone who posts on a blizzard forum. People already take the internet to seriously, and lot of kids today don't understand that there is a line between the two.

    This blows the line out of the water.

    Not to mention that companies search the fuck out of the internet now as part of standardized hiring practices. Who wants their name showing up on WoW searches when you prefer that LinkedIn is what shows up instead.
  14. I prefer that nothing shows up at all
  15. Apparently if you sign up as <13yrs old the name never gets published....
  16. Am I missing something? Couldn't you just give a fake name?
  17. I'm assuming you have to pay for it with a credit card, with your real name.
  18. Oh right, I thought this was just signing up for a forum.
  19. forum accounts are linked per cd account and in game account. Monthly account for blizzard requires a CC or game card, and a name associated with it.