Halp Local Help?

Mr. Argumentor

I fab shitboxes and shitbox accessories.
Sep 27, 2012
I need to borrow a welder, preferably MIG. Does anyone in this area have access?

I could turn a wrench or do other silly stuff in exchange for time with the welder.
No, I don't mean sexy time with the welder.
i have absolutely nothing of value to contribute, but i would like to learn to weld/smelt/smith
You understand those are pretty much entirely different skillsets, right?

Yes, as a blacksmith, you can weld pieces together, but it's a different thing than modern welding.

My pops is a member of FABA, Florida Amateur Blacksmith Association. You should look for something similar, monthly meetings and potluck lunch, it's pretty cool. I learned how to throw a hatchet and weave a basket of White Oak at a couple of them.

There was something special about the technique of basket weaving, but I can't remember the specifics. Maybe the guy who taught me was the last in a line of basket weavers? I wish I remembered. His name was Alphonso Jennings