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Pics Life at a Texas stock tank

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by G-Shock, Aug 15, 2010.

  1. bwahahaha
  2. It's a motion sensor camera set up out on a guys land to see what kind of wild life are around. Sometimes game will come by the same time every day to drink from it, that let's you know when to go hunting in the area. Instead of catching wild life it caught some wild Mexicans crossing the border illegally and obviously trespassing.
  3. What the motion sensing camera may have looked like.

  4. Ahahahahaa.

    Little did they know that the tank was well stocked with bovine growth hormone.
  5. They were goddammit. That's the humor. The camera took pics of the foraging wildlife.
  6. how's your aspen?
  7. Pity all of the animals weren't there at the same time. Epic fight to the death to see who gets to drink the water.
  8. What's La Migra? The Migraine? Is that the Mexican saint of heat stroke?
  9. You tard.
  10. [video=google;1391943289827740318][/video]
  11. Hey guys, uhhh, doesn't that one look a little familiar???




  12. :lol: