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let's talk office rage for a minute

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by Mrs. Valve, Oct 14, 2004.

  1. :mad:
    there's nothing like having to print 23 letters and sent them through the manual printer and then walking up to the printer, letterhead in hand, ABOUT to open the manual feed tray, and then have someone CUT RUDELY in front of you and completely FUCK UP your operation, not only negating the work you've done for the past half hour, but breaking the printer in the meantime.

    not even an "i'm sorry". god i freakin hate people.
  2. Punch them in the back of the head.
  3. stab the fucker
  4. Drop the printer on their head

    when you're done with it of course
  5. the lexmark t622 is kinda big to pick up and drop on someone, especially if you're of my stature:p
    a nice wallop to the braincase might do that bitch some good. ARGH!
  6. omg i was so close. you have no idea. she got a good long glare out of me tho.
  7. Well, how're ya gonna drag a deer if'n ya can't lift that printer :p
  8. oh jesus, not a glare!
    what are you, an animal?
  9. rawr ;)
  10. :heart:
  11. i can at least drag the deer. dragging the printer to try to drop on someone's head doesn't work so well. she's got at least 6 inches on me (with heels on at least)
  12. Spank her.
    Take pics.
    Post the pics here.
  13. You coulda dragged it offa the table and landed it on her foot
  14. I fully endorse this idea
  15. you can easily fix a broken foot. it's a lot more work to fix a shattered skull.
  16. Good point, you'd have to trip her first (easy with heels) and then slide it off the table
  17. hay maybe if you got her to bend over and tie her shoe or something you could just drag if off the edge of the table onto her brainpan!
  18. I have no more office :angst: because these forums aren't blocked by the firewalls yet.