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FYI Last night with internets guys

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by Dory, Apr 26, 2010.

  1. My new house I'm moving into on Weds has no internet or anything so I shall be without home comforts. I think this might be a good thing but god damn it's tempting to get an iphone so I can google and such.

    anyway, that is all. Work updates to follow in the next few months of my cold turkey.
  2. Stay strong!

    May the scotch be wit' ye!

    Don't gargle the sterno!
  3. I shall have many more funds for scotch, it's the only thing that will warm my heart (and mind) on those cold summer nights without the laptop to warm my legs.
  4. Welcome to 1066. Say hi to William.
  5. Before or after I decapitate him?
  6. Well, just get a Motorola Milestone, pop your SIM, and post from there.
  7. They got a good graphic interface/screen size?
  8. It's okay, I'll still be hanging round in office hours if I wanna post.
  9. Why would anyone want to decapitate William?
  10. Dunno, I was thinking that after I submitted the post but I've decided as my last night on internet to consume a lot of champagne etc. so my thinkgin isn't so straight right now.
  11. Think gin sounds like a lovely beverage.
  12. [​IMG]
  13. Oh that's right, you're moving to a tent or something, right?
  14. How did you guess/???
  15. YAH WOT
  16. Always. Always.

    May have a little bit left in a bottle downstairs. Solo party time.
  17. Grapevine. I'm glad to hear that you've accepted your ancestry of tent hobos and decided to join, them Currizz.
  18. Ah female grapevines, how fickle they are. *sigh*
  19. Grapevines smell best when they're burning.