Last night, I reached a new high (low) in nerd-dom


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Sep 30, 2004
Austin, Land of pot and...pot
I've been guilty of hitting the snooze button and going back to sleep, for at least an hour after I should be at work. So I decided to act. I found some VB code for a simple clock and I made it an alarm clock. But not just any alarm clock.

An alarm clock that auto-generates a random 20-digit number that I have to type in to get the alarm to stop. It's supposed to make my brain work enough to keep me awake and not fall asleep.

So I put it on my laptop and in the morning, it did wake me up. Until I turned down the speakers on my laptop and went back to sleep. There is obviously a few things left to fix.

Yeah.... :(
DirkPhoenix said:
Nein. My "whiny cunt" underroos were in the wash.
Say, can you send me the code for that? I need it for my iBook
Forrest Dump said:
You need to pump the sound thru the stero, and put the laptop in a romote location so you have to get up to go disarm it
Mount a speaker to the wall from the stereo. It must be glued to the wall though, so you cant unplug the wires...