Laser Surgery Yesterday (pics)



Well, I finally had laser surgery yesterday. They would not allow camera's in the observation room :( but I did have the woman take some shots when we got home.

I am a fucking dude.


No, wait, I'm Ray Charles.


I look all too similar to a desert raider from Star Wars.


But don't worry ladies, I can still perform like a champ.

I clicked on this thread, fearing that I would see pics of actual eye surgery, hoping that I wouldn't, but unable to resist. I am soooo relieved to be wrong :lol:
CletusJones said:
how are you typing with your eyes taped shut?

I am wearing my Ray Charles Replica issue glasses today. My eyes don't hurt much, feels like a bit of sand is in them, which is normal, but no pain or discomfert. Still sensitive to light, and my focus is getting better every hour.