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Hawt Ladies of UF - I have something special to share with you

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by Dory, Dec 28, 2010.

  1. i totally thought it was soap-on-a-rope
    /let down

    ps: your nails look badass
  2. IM confused
  3. Cliffs:

    Nemo received nail polish from her mum for Christmas that makes her nails look like faux 80s distressed leather.

  5. Don't play coy.
  6. it's like that ralph lauren crackle paint to make refinished furniture look old
  7. I haven't quite mastered it yet but on the bottle it looks like it can come out in really good stripes etc. My pinky finger looks like cow print, it's wicked.
  8. What's the point? You have dreads..
  9. What's the point in painting my nails? I must be missing something. I didn't know hair had anything to do with nails...
  10. Ever seen a Mani-Pedi place that didn't also do hair?

    Proof. Hair has everything to do with nails.
  11. Obviously cosmetics are for enhancing one's appearance.
  12. Actually thousands if not tens of thousands. Ever heard of a NAIL bar? Yeah.....
  13. ...and? You seem to be insinuating that nobody could ever look good or attractive if they happen to have dredlocks, but that isn't really true, which is where I lost your weird chain of thought completely.
  14. No, no. It's very much true.
  15. Maybe to you, but I can't recall ever saying that I wore cosmetics to aesthetically please you. I've met tons of great looking people who also had dredlocks.
  16. I never said you wore cosmetics to please me. I said you wear it to enhance your appearance..
  17. Yup, and it does enhance my appearance. Your insinuation that I should 'give up trying' just because I have a hairstyle you don't approve of is quite infantile and stupid. Being an adult you know this already though so I don't know why I have to explain that to you.
  18. You're right, it does enhance your appearance. But unfortunately your dreads nullify that enhancement. Effort wasted.
  19. Infantile and stupid Liam, give it up. It's boring.