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My favorite chef is Mike Rowave
Oct 15, 2004
His character was awesome. I wish to god I knew someone like that in real life. Guaranteed invites to every event on the calendar.

best part is the kid shitting in the store. there are no words.


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Aug 21, 2009
inside your head
Yeah....cos luck has nothing to do with anything. Ever. Has nothing to do with whether you're born in a third world, aids infested country or born with a silver spoon, has nothing to do with which bands end up on the radio vs. those just as talented who don't etc etc etc etc

Yup you're right, George W Bush fucked up his whole life until age 40 but because of his connections he made it to the most powerful office on Earth. He was not a "winner" in any sense except by cheating (i.e. having an election rigged for him).

That's just an extreme example but to say that everyone who is a "winner" deserves to be there and everyone who is a "loser" deserves to be there is just bullshit.

This is tangential to the main point of this thread though - I don't really believe in karma.


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Jul 12, 2009
you're a whore, but in a good way. Kindof.
This is definitive proof Helen was a cunt.

Kevin Halstead wins $3.8 million on lottery day after divorce from ex-wife Helen

* By Ben Ashford

A MAN who bought a lotto ticket the day after celebrating his divorce had come through with friends is now more than happy - he won over $3 million.

Bus driver Kevin Halstead, 50, went for a drink with friends after his decree absolute arrived in the post last Friday.

He bought a lottery ticket the next day - and was gobsmacked when his lucky numbers came up later that evening.

Kevin could have been forced to hand half the $3,817,875.30 to ex-wife Helen if the divorce had taken just a few days longer.