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k, so we had a [U]seless [M]eet at Lake [H]ouston

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by AprilsSCAT, Oct 19, 2004.

  1. so we went to this fuckin park
    it was fuckin hot.

    so Drool-Boi is too fuckin old adn shitty to climb stairs, so we had some random non-verified members carry his shitty as up the hill:

    so when he got up the hill, we met him...left in white is fly, theac, waw, and the fattie is....well you fuckin know. I am on Drools left.

    see fly running away? he had to pee

    then we were getting ready to put his old-fartedness on teh boat, that's me and ieholly helping him:
  2. looks like a good time! why wasn't i issued an orange robe when I joined??? I feel left out.
  4. Fly doesn't wear a diaper under his robe?
  5. :fly: I live on Lake Houston.
  6. here we are on teh boat....we had a case of Shiners and some hot dogs. Click46 is working the camera...something bout converting us to jews. Drool is playing with a little fly doll:

    now this is my fuckin fave pic, see the fuckin little bitches huddling around Drool? He said something about "lick my taint" and they just lined up.

    After the boat ride, waw wanted to show off his new clothes, so we lined up for a fashion show:

    This was Sunday am...this is the fuckin beer line, breakfast was beer and it was awesome:

    and to end the weekend, Drool said we could drink his pee....and waw did. YAY
  7. lol u drank my pee
  8. :furry: :nev:
  9. and this is you welcoming Drool to your house, you hottie
  10. Holy shit, I love you Sleeman.
  11. next time were wearing black robes dammit
    I got pulled over on the way home and the cop thought Id escaped from the Huntsville lockdown:mad:
  12. Too bad he pooped in my fridge then wiped his ass with his left hand saying it was customary. :o
  13. :fly: great thread!!
  14. yeah well don't get too uppity sparky....YOU got a bit "excited" by waw and look what you did in the pee cup


    k so from left, Chikken, me, DigitalMary (oh yeah he isn't approved here yet), Droolio, and theac. Ac forgot his shoes in April's tent. AHAHA
  15. OMFG hahahaha....

    I pitched my own tent. :shifty:
  16. One attraction at Lake [H]ouston, besides the smell, is the "World's Largest Ass Dildo". Very popular. Here, Drool is paying homage to his "god".
    Me adn smileyh0le look on

    And here is our fearless aged leader with his wives, lucky little bitch. he says the paper hearts give him "a bigger target"
  17. now i saw this on April's nightstand in her tent...i have no fuckin clue what she could possibly be using this for :tard:
  18. Used in the ritual of breaking in virgin gay males.