Just opened a new MMA Forum


¡ɟɟo ʞɔnɟ ʇunɔ 'ᴉO
Nov 11, 2008
Been working on it for a few days, and now it's open!


Have to give a big THANKS to fly for helping me with setting it up. 2 beers and a reach around for you next time we meet!

It's been open less than 48 hours and we have over 20 members registered and posting.

The fuck what you two knobs think. There are some here who like the sport of MMA, and I thought they might like this.
Is this gonna turn into a gay fest like the underground? Or a gay fest like sherdog?

Nope. There is a coll bunch of guys on there that I knew from an older forum. They are all about community and love to live chat with each other during fights. We all also value strict rules, like not allowing people to bash fighters and other members. We like to keep the talk civil but still jovial.