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Just impatiently waiting for this life to finish so I can start again

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by dbzeag, Oct 25, 2004.

  1. A friend of mine once said, "Life sucks and then you die". Truer words were never spoken.


    So Esquire magazine named Angolina Jolie the sexiest woman alive :drool:
  2. something about those lips...mmmmmm
  3. OMG yes!!! And the fact she can play and uber computer geek then a victorian harlet then action star all at the same time successfully.

    And her "don't give a fuck" attitude. People saying she should not get tattoos or get hers covered up and she goes and gets more.

  4. "You shouldn't take life so seriously, you'll never get out alive."

    -Van Wilder

  5. But she couldn't complete anything in that movie.

    She came to crash override to decode the disk. She lost the bet, she was the first one to get kicked out of hacking the Gibson. She wasn't 1337.
  6. :lol:
  7. Speaking of sucking. :drool:
  8. you can look forward to Funzie Comic #3

    I just sent the concept shit to Drool-Boy
  9. I do not find Angelina Jolie attractive. I think its the whole "Billy bob blood in the vile around the neck" thing that doesn't do it for me.
  10. she's dirty

  11. It's mainly the DSL's she has.

    (Yes I mean Digital Subscriber Loop)
  12. QFT

  13. Hackers did it for me.
    Can't look at her without thinking of how ugly she looked in that movie, and how horrible the movie itself was...

    Her movie with Banderas was about the only one I didn't see her as 'her'. And that one was a pretty Meh movie.
  14. I don't care. I'd do her in the poo hole.

  15. Go for it.
    Is she number one on your list of celebs to bang?
  16. OMFG YES
  17. and they just keep getting weirder and weirder
    so thank elpmis's crack dealer
  18. I'm dripping with anticipation

    edit: he mentioned that to me the other day. Don't expect these comics to get more normal. Ever...
  19. damn this thread is in dire need of content
  20. Don't be so down on yourself Dave :heart: