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Just had a scary meeting

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by Mustard Dispenser, Oct 27, 2004.

  1. One of those meetings where the people acrossed the table from you are saying things like "youre not the one in trouble here" and "were just trying to get your side of the story here".
    There was an issue with the fasteners on some hardware weve been working with and I took my concerns to the project manager, and apparently he freaked and it just escalated from there.
    Now most of the engineering staff is pissed at me as well as the QA department:p
    Fuck it, if I hadnt have said something someone coulda gotten hurt , but its going to impact the schedule so now Ima doodyhead tattle tale :rolleyes:

    Worst case, theyll bury it and fire me, best case, Ill be branded a "whistle blower" and no one will give me anymore work.

    See kids, it always pays to do the right thing!!

    I think Ill buy a bottle of burbon on the way home:(
  2. Poor fella :(

    You should have sat back and let the lawsuits fly.
  3. Oh god that fucking sucks, my father was in your position a number of times.

    He always kept his job, but never advanced thanks to it.
  4. isnt it illegal for them to fire you because of that? arent there whistle blowing statutes? you could sue their pants off
  5. Your project manager is a baby.

  6. Yeah chances are good Ill keep my job as the companies contract manager (kinda like the ceo) likes my work and we get along pretty well.
    Nothings "happening" right now, theyre still investigating. I dunno what will happen.
  7. Good luck, sounds like you're going to need it :heart:
  8. My dad had an instance where a screw was like 3 threads too short, and it kept working out of the cover of the fuel control - exposing it to sand and shit.

    Took like 5 months of hell for him to get them to fix it.
  9. Sounds to me like you did the right thing. No matter the outcome, you'll be in good standing karma wise. Makes up for all the dead hookers and girl scouts.
  10. Take a dump on everyone's desk.
    If you haven't already.

  12. Well I gotta balance that shit out somehow

  13. If they fire me you know I will
  14. I'm with smiley on this one- stick to your guns dude, you did the right thing.
  15. oohhhh, and drink some pepto before so the poops all black and unnaturallike

  16. Ill eat a box of crayolas so its all rainbow colored
  17. good idea!!!!
  18. what was wrong with the fasteners?

  19. I was disassembling a section of the hardware to grind a bare spot for electrical conductivity, and none of the fasteners I removed had locktite on them.
    were talking about a subject station on a centrifuge that will be rotating at 40 rpm. No locktite>bolts vibrate loose>person flies off subject station at 40 rpm>big fucking mess.

  20. Damn. I still say you did the right thing saying something. If people don't like hearing the truth about a potential safety issue, fuck 'em.