Just doing my thing... First stats :P


I Robert I

Fly asked me to start up some stats like within the first hour of me signing up. I was a bit reluctant at first since I hadn't even read a single post. But.. I figured it was worth a few minutes of my time so I managed to get the most online stats going atleast. Didn't take much work, that's why they're here.

Other stats will be added later if you want them, if not... Well I just might do it anyways.

Aaaanyways, here ya go. It's only been running a few hours though hehe.

Findakáno said:

Are we going to get a spammers list?
mr_brett handled that over at [M]/[H]. But I could do it aswell. Problem is that we don't seem to have a members page to parse through. So I'd have to get some kind of access to the information to be able to do it.
Findakáno said:
Maybe fly will hook you up with the info.
Mayhaps :) He doesn't seem to be around though. I answered a PM of his yesterday, he hasn't responded yet. Maybe he's one of those crazy bastards with a life kekeke