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WTF Joe Biden advocates shotguns for home defense!

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by Mr. Asa, Feb 20, 2013.

  2. If she runs it's a done deal. Mark my words.
    This time she gets the bj in the oval office though.
  3. Trump should go for the repubs and it would be the biggest landslide ever for Hilary
  4. Sadly I think this is the case as well.
  5. Before Bengazi and her getting sick, maybe.
  6. Clearly the country as sad as it is could give two fucks about Bengazi.

    All she would have to do is say Bengazi was Romney's fault and the retarded masses would buy it.
  7. Drink more koolaid, chuck.
  8. I think he's close to being correct. Hillary will say it's a closed issue that was dealt with 4 years ago, and the media will say "yeah!" and shun anyone who brings it up as sexist.
  9. Everyone democrat I know thinks Biden is a retard... but they'll all be on his dick if he runs for president.

    Witnessed the same thing with Al Gore. Liberals everywhere protesting "YOU IMPEACHED CLINTON, NOW YOU HAVE TO PUT UP WITH AL GORE AS YOUR PRESIDENT, HOPE YOU'RE HAPPY!!!" (they obviously didn't understand what impeaching meant), and a few short years later they were preaching how great he was.
  10. Also, Hillary being sick is what's going to keep her out of the white house.

  11. Al Gore would have been a vastly better president than Dubya. Hell, Big Bird would make a better president than Dubya.
  12. That really just depends on if the GOP puts up another class A retard or not.
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    are there any candidate choices that arent?

    edit: i dont think he's running, but Chris Christie seems to be reasonable and not nuts.
  14. He's the only person as of right now that would have a chance, imo.
  15. & he hasn't received backlash from the MSM - yet.
  16. Their biggest problem is that they have married themselves to the fundies. People don't want to hear that you hate gays, women, minorities, and abortions. That hate shit doesn't win elections. But they've got to do something, cause I sure as fuck don't want Hillary there.
  17. He has recently started a very vast PR campaign to revamp his image, it makes him look real good. I think I remember that if you dig back though you'll see a decent amount of Tea-Party crazy. (although I might be wrong)
  18. this thread is retarded
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  19. How so?
  20. "Look at all that gun stuff I was in charge of!!"