WTF Joe Biden advocates shotguns for home defense!

I heard a great idea re: home alarms & security. Most people don't have alarms, but would freak if they heard what they thought was an intruder.

Enter: your car alarm. Keep your keys on your nightstand & if you think someone is snooping around hit the panic button.

I suppose this means you'd have to have a panic button & car alarm. If not, just open a window and bash your cat against the siding.
he's not advocating shotguns. he's advocating shooting them off willy nilly to scare people

Which is illegal in many places.

And irresponsible, shot, particularly buckshot which is what one should be using for HD, still travels quite a long way, particularly if fired up into the air.

Not to mention that if you only have two rounds loaded, fire them both to "scare an attacker", I guess you could use it as a club when that doesn't work.
This is true, he is advocating silly behavior for a firearm.
Also, considering who he is, and who his wife is, should she do that she might get shot by the Secret Service.

JOe Biden, silly? no!


Biden scares me as VP almost as much as the thought of Sarah Palin as a vp..


Psssh he was my senator for what seemed like an eternity. Guy is a wack job. Also pretty much anyone who has ever worked with or interacted with him says he's one of the most arrogant pricks ever.