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WTF Jesus Christ Drool you're old

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by Dory, Aug 23, 2010.

  1. Happy birthday. What are you planning on doing to celebrate another year closer to the grave?

  2. Happy birthday ya jerk! :heart:
  3. Happy Birthday, sir.
  4. iirc, I think he has off today. hopefully getting to sleep in.

    happy bidet, dude
  5. OMG happy birthday hot stuff! Had I known earlier, we could have cracked open some lovely brew I picked up from Ohio.
  6. Thanks guys:cool:
    Another year, another layer of crust:p
    My birthday present from myself was to take a few days off work, theyre really leaning on us hard there these days and I needed to get out for a bit.
    The wife got me this painting:


    Its called "Hard Days Night" , it the Beatles running from crazed fans/media and whatnot.

    The artist is David Gildersleeve, he teaches at the school bsinning works at, hell he may even know the dude.
    We wandered into his studio in the art district way back when we visited savanna (fuck how many years ago was that?)
    I would have bought most of what was in the dudes studio if I could have afforded it :p

    Anyways, today, after the babysitter collects DroolJr, I will be working out in the new New Yankme Workshop on my current project. Will post pics when done.
  7. Happy Birthday!
  8. Very nice painting bro :cool:
  9. Also, Ill probably have to build a frame for the painting, since its a non standard size.
  10. It's been a year already? Holy effin' eff. Where did that time go?
  11. Happy Birthday and enjoy your day off!
  12. My god, that is old.
  13. Happy birthday you sour old bugger.

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  15. What the hell is Bus Day?
  16. and why do they call the cat pappy?

  17. I was wondering where youve been
    I figured you were in 'jersey with tim

    I yelled that so you could hear me.
  19. I was in Cleveland, Tim was in Jersey. We are both back in town now, though, so that's fun.
  20. what?