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Ontopic Jacksonville police are all about the collateral damage.

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by Duke, Mar 29, 2010.

  1. wtf...

    Don't ever let a criminal get too close to you in Jaxsonville. Apparently, a mother and her 7 and 2 year old kids are just obstacles in the way of the sweet bullets of justice.

  2. sounds like 5 officers who wont be on the force anymore
  3. jesus christ 42 rounds into a vehicle with innocent people in it. wtf
  4. I know. Jacksonville's officer training programs is for shit, that's for sure.
  5. reading is fundamental (for me)
  6. The vehicle with the suspect and the one with the family were one in the same. He was trying to carjack it.
  7. Um yeah, I didn't think police were supposed to fire until the perp fires first. I didn't think just running away they were allowed to open fire.
  8. They were pretty crappy shots if it took 42 shots to kill him. And how did they get the lady in the foot?
  9. bullet might have ricocheted
  10. In hindsight the staff sergeant regretted watching Dirty Harry with the guys before sending them out on patrol.
  11. See edit
  12. Seriously, should've been at least 60.
  13. yet another reason to justify Fark having a florida tag
  14. i think you'll find it's pronounced 'flo-rida' (/ˌfloʊ ˈraɪdə/)
  15. *shoots self*
  16. I bet we don't have all the info. But it makes for a FUN read!
  18. A newspaper article is hardly "all the info"
  19. :clap: