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Halp ITT you help me move every zig

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by Mrs. Valve, Nov 3, 2010.

  1. Because Great Justice needs to be served!

    I was wrongfully pulled over this morning for "failing to stop at a stop sign". I was at a dead stop at this sign before I pulled onto the road where the bacon nabbed me. I explained my situation (where I was going, didn't know why he pulled me over, etc), never admitted guilt, and told the officer that I stopped at that sign every day and was quite familiar with it. Clearly my yankee accent pissed him off and he wrote me a ticket anyway.

    I need to get out of this BS ticket- it's like 4 points and $100. I haven't had a ticket in like 10 years and have no idea what to do in this court of law south of the Mason-Dixon line to clear my unsullied name. Do I need to hire my cousin Vinny? Take pictures of the site? Look cute/smart/dumb/hookerish in court? Halp :(
  2. Challenge it in court. Ask them to prove it. If he doesn't have it on video, you win. If he does, you might still win, assuming you aren't lying to us all. Are you lying to us, lawbreaker?
  3. can you plead nolo, get no points and just pay the fine? you're allowed to do that once every year or 2 here.
  4. Who, lil' ol' me? ::bats eyelashes::
  5. Virginia is a pain in the ass about traffic violations. I don't think they'd let me do that. I have the option of "prepay", whatever that is because the cop totally didn't explain it to me this morning, but I don't think that gets me off with no points.
  6. what a dick. i got pulled over last year at about 5:30 in the morning when i very clearly rolled through a stop sign, and the cop just wrote me a ticket for "failing to obey a posted sign", which is no points and equivalent to a parking ticket. nice guy.
  7. Yeah, it says right on the ticket "fail to obey stop sign", and cites the proper VA law code and everything. I did EVERYTHING by the book, didn't argue, etc. He asked where I was going and I told him I was a student researcher and had a 7am time point. He stood outside my car talking to his buddy about their weekends for 10 minutes before he finally came back up to the car with the ticket, making me even more late than I already was. Grrrrrrr.
  8. I got that same bs about not stopping long enough at a stop sign once. The cop was clearly visible so obviously I was going to come to a full stop but he said I didn't hesitate long enough.

    The cheapest/easiest thing for me to do was say I was guilty to the clerk and pay the fine. They dropped the points for me saying I was guilty and not going to court.
  9. In NY I knew what the rules were about pleading vs. not pleading, and how many points you could get reduced. This was mostly due to knowing some people on the police force and NY's DMV website was actually COHERENT. VA's is not, either by tricksy design or because it was written by locals.
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    I'm surprised someone hasn't said "Challenge it in court, they never show up and you get off scott free!" yet.

    (Yes, I realize Sarcasmo addressed making the challenge properly, but his is actually an intelligent point).
  11. Just get a lawyer. The one we use in Tampa just makes them go away somehow.
  12. So, does it work where I can ask to see the footage of my nonstopping and then if I see it and am not stopped because they bent the space-time continuum, and then plead to reduce my charges? Or is it all or nothing where I get what's behind door #2 if I choose to look at video?
  13. Remember April's driving record, and realize what a huge accomplishment this must be.
  14. Seriously. Get a traffic lawyer. None of us will know the ins and outs of your state laws better than him.

    FWIW, the lawyer we use in Tampa costs $99, which is cheaper than just about every ticket.
  15. I didn't even know Virginia had laws.
  16. Buy a radar detector there
  17. the violation plus processing fee for this is $92, but i'm more worried about the points for insurance purposes. a $99 lawyer still makes me lose in the long run.

  18. There are all sorts of laws governing vaginas.
  19. Find out if he's married, the day before court call his wife and tell her he's been cheating on her with you, and that instead of going to work the next day he's meeting you in a hotel room somewhere.

    When you contest the ticket and he doesn't show up, you automatically win.
  20. ^^^^

    make sure to call from a pay phone though...