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ITT Mundaz poasts pics of his brain

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by CletusJones, Oct 25, 2004.

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    ITT Mondoz poasts pics of his brain

  2. Shouldn't that be up to him?
  3. no. for the good of the forum, i demand it.
  4. Will we see his brain on drugs?
    I want some fried eggs. :drool:
  5. He just doesn't want us to know that they didn't find anything :fly:
  6. do brains taste good with a side of bacon?
  7. You know what happens if I don't see pics soon :p

  8. You flog him with :gloerf: until he relents?
  9. Yes. At least, that's what I've heard. :shady:
  10. it proves that mondoz has no brains?
  11. what about sausage? sausage patties = :drool:

  12. You might have to as I'm going to lunch right now. ;)
  13. Mmm... I'd love to know what happens.. :drool:
  14. hopefully spankings :drool:
  15. This thread is a waste if there aren't pics by page three.
  16. Okay, for great justice, I'll do it.

    They're in DCM format. Anyone know how to get those into JPG format?

    They came with this neato program for manipulating the pics. There's about 8 series of pics, each with about a dozen slides. Each slide is about 1 cm deeper into the head. It lets you zoom through them, so it looks like a little movie where you're ripping off layers of the head.

    I'll do some screen caps, unless someone knows what to do with the DCMs.
  17. Does anyone know if photoshop will open dcm files?
    I'll install that if it does.
  18. DCM = Dysentary Cleansing Materials?
  19. :D